THE SFCC BOND, which is $17 million, will provide a number of benefits, including:

New Automotive Center to Respond to Workforce Demand

A 17,000 sq. ft. Automotive Center on our main campus will have classrooms and a customized training center to prepare students for high-demand careers in the automotive industry and double the number of students we can educate annually.

About the Need for Automotive Center Funding

SFCC’s Automotive Technology Program was started in2 015 in response to demand from local automotive dealerships. A previous program at Northern New Mexico College closed, forcing local dealers to hire out of state workers.

 SFCC is renting space that is cramped and inadequate.

  • Our current 2,053 square-foot garage off campus is cramped, inadequate, and doesn’t meet National Automotive Technician’s Education Foundation standards.
  • There are no existing facilities on the college campus or at the Higher Education Center that can accommodate the automotive program. It needs substantial power, special EPA-required building exhaust systems and special concrete thickness slabs and foundations to hold heavy equipment.
  • There is no large automotive facility in Santa Fe County available for use or lease.

The job picture for this industry is bright.

  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects jobs for automotive technicians and mechanics will grow by nine percent by 2022.
  • In the Santa Fe area alone, there are at least 51 job openings a year.
  • Salaries in this specialized field can range from $38,000-$47,000 a year all the way up to more than $100,000 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“New Mexico is losing good-paying jobs to out-of-state residents because we do not have a trained local automotive workforce. Today’s automotive technician needs a working knowledge of electronics and technology as well as mechanics. An automotive technology center at SFCC would help us create a pipeline with local students and meet the critical workforce demand,” Gilbert Sena, Program Director

Renovations to the William C. Witter Fitness Education Center

This Center, which is open to the community, will receive pool repairs, a new rooftop thermal system for heated pools, new fitness equipment, gymnasium seating and flooring, plus an exterior and interior facelift.

About the Renovations to the William C. Witter Fitness Education Center
  • The Center, which was built in 1993, gives students, faculty, staff and community members an affordable way to exercise, assess their health and fitness levels or just relax.
  • There is a gym for basketball, indoor soccer and volleyball.
  • There is a weight/exercise room with equipment for strength, cardiovascular, resistance and suspension training.
  • There are four outdoor tennis courts.
  • There is an 8-lane lap pool, a 4-lane warm pool and an 8-person whirlpool.
  • The Center also provides fitness assessments for individuals of all ages including a special assessment for seniors 70 and older.
  • The Santa Fe Seals is a year-round program that helps individuals aged 5-20 develop competitive swimming skills in a fun, positive environment.

The bond improvements would include:

  • Pool repairs and UV (ultraviolet) light filter replacements
  • Renewal and replacement of power and utility equipment
  • A roof-top thermal system for heated pools
  • New gym seating and flooring
  • New exercise/fitness equipment
  • Exterior and interior facelift

“I’ve been a daily user of the warm pool for the past 5 years and my health has improved greatly. This Center is a great meeting place for young and old, and the improvements are badly needed. I’m a taxpayer and this and I want the best for my community.” – Isabelle Sandoval

“I attend Pilates classes and use the treadmills, particularly when it is cold or windy. Having been to other fitness centers, this Center is no longer state-of-the art and could definitely use some modernization and upgrades.” – Jackie Neel

Technology Upgrades

Vitally needed for continued delivery of quality educational programs and effective campus services, technology improvements include enhanced security infrastructure, information systems modernization, improved wireless (WiFi) capabilities, and industry-standard server solutions.

Learning Space and Classroom Improvements, Main Campus

Needed equipment, furnishings and fixtures will be provided in fashion design, arts and media arts, and metal fabrication labs; film and video performance spaces; as well as testing center classrooms. Some areas also need upgrades to satisfy code, health and safety requirements.

Infrastructure Improvements and Facility Renewal Campuswide

Improving wide roads, parking, sidewalks, roof systems, HVAC systems, building lighting and power systems, wastewater treatment plant, renovating building interiors and exteriors and flooring.